I started my bedroom dj career in early nineties on my brother’s SL1200 mk2’s only later in 2010 i bought my first midi device a reloop digital dj 2 and from there i’ve fallen in love with djing. A passion was born see my mixcloud with much music mixes on it on later stage. Making music on the other hand i started in 2010 mainly for myself projects that never had a ending the basic fooling around with daws. Things started to change when i had loads of time due to illness and i started experimenting with finishing tracks in Ableton my love of all daw’s and giving out demo’s. Then Bang Le dex had interest in my tracks in 2017 for a project my first ? still very thankfull for Bang Le’Dex records that they started to see my potential.

From then 2017 I started sending/producing more tracks then ever before and I got better in the way. I am still not the professional id like to be but there you go my bio in a nutshell. Currently this year 2018 im tempted to have much more quality releases in the Techn♥ and H♥use genre my most liked genre is Techno because it drives people into a state of mind that no other music in my ears can do.. I Hope to make much more tunes coming year 2018 so stay tuned and keep watching my releases on Beatport or other online retailer’s:

Beatport releases discography:

  • Progress EP
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGD028 | Dead Groovy Deep | 2020-11-27 | Buy
  • Bang Le Dex Recordings - REFLECT - Vol.1
    Arturø, P.T.B.S., THE D3VI7, Taigo Onez, Teknotik, Jacknosis, Owen Ni, rhythmrobot, AFTR, Basscontroll, Matt Dubspun, N' Thesys IN BLUEBLACKNESS, Void Needs Reliance, AFFLICTED, Gabriele Losito, Xan Bishop, Antonio Lombardo, Volatile Solvent, DJ Hoffa, EYJ, Widerwille, Aldo Losito, N' Thesys INBLUEBLACKNESS, Rondell Adams, El Atalaya, Wetworks, Paulo AV, DJ D ReDD, DJQ, DSC, Antonio Lombardo, Colin Cook, Rob Threezy
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, House
    BLD038 | Bang Le Dex | 2020-11-14 | Buy
  • Electronic People, Vol. 7
    Ismael Rivas, A.V.O., 7ofclubs, Sander Klepper, Miro Dark, VAEN, Musho, A.R.S, France, Basscontroll
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    RMR239 | Right Music Records | 2020-10-19 | Buy
  • From Underworld (Dark Series vol 1)
    Duck Sandoval, Jose Baher, PITCH!, Chris Van Deer, Fleischmann, Basscontroll
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
    PD011 | Perfect Darkness | 2020-10-15 | Buy
  • Dark Future Techno Vol.1 (ADE Edition)
    Duck Sandoval, PITCH!, Procopis Gkouklias, Gregor Size, Charlie Sparks (UK), Ugo Anzoino, Bob Ray, Nick.Jacholson, Arte Muradyan, Roman Faero, Chris Van Deer, Dadgar, AFFLICTED, Hanzzo, E-leven (UK), Basscontroll, DJ Deep Noise, Vale Sandoval, Nonefield, Xanhanda, Axbla, Nik Wel, Luca 9lli, Fleischmann, Annonhakhi, DJ Johan Weiss, Johnny Lux, Igor Pagliacci, Underground Tacticz, Keah, Migel Gloria, Rispetto Musiq, Danner, Domingo Caballero, Roberto Corvino, Joe Cozzo, Amirowski, Inzanedrex, Nexo, A. J. Linek, Mellow Gellow
    Hard Techno, Progressive House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Hard Dance / Hardcore, Psy-Trance, Organic House / Downtempo, Electronica
    HP055 | High Prestige | 2020-10-13 | Buy
  • Tunnel Of Techno EP
    Hard Techno, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    P4T007 | Pray4Techno | 2020-10-12 | Buy
  • DETROIT 1980
    Ugo Anzoino, [U.G.O.], Basscontroll, Luca Iadanza, Emiliano Cassano, Nik Wel, Andy da Mole, DJ Deep Noise, Enzo Gallo, El Brujo, Rohan (IT), CH'AB, Dario Caruson, JIMMYZKINZ, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Konvic
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    LST200 | LETS TECHNO records | 2020-10-05 | Buy
  • Beautiful Shine EP
    Keah, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Basscontroll, El Brujo, Henriëtte
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    S7N061 | SE7ENS DIGITAL | 2020-09-30 | Buy
  • Deep Touch
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    SUR418 | Survivor Records | 2020-08-20 | Buy
  • Regen
    Chris Keya, DJMarz, Basscontroll, Areal Kollen
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    483451 | Magnetfeld Records | 2020-08-12 | Buy
  • BUSTA Summer 2020
    ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, ARTCØRE [TECHNO], B4NGA KHEN4N, BOOMINZIN, Basscontroll, Boeseman, Buben, Carbon Street, Carles DJ, CLAUDIO BDJ, Joe Cozzo, Chris Khaos, Chris Van Deer, Cristian, Dadgar, Danner, DJ BSR, DJ Scale Ripper, Domingo Caballero, Duck Sandoval, ECHOBEAT, eee.e, El Brujo, Dario Caruson, Luca Iadanza, Emiliano Cassano, Emison, EpZ, Ertax, Flatch, Freqmind, Grimmaldika, Handsome Audience, Henry Mwnn Lobbs, HEVNER, JIMMYZKINZ, Jouni Koistinen, Judge Jay, Just 9eorge, Laylae, LIO RIVAK, Luca 9lli, Mark Train, Master Master, Miss Adk, Mr. Frek, Nizzy, Oscar Cue-Bass, Pain_t, PHOS/PHATE, Rispetto Musiq, Rosemarys Baby, Seany, Shades of Black., Spectrum A, Maya (DE), Steinberg (DE), TechKwando, Tito K., VAEN, Vector 808, Voga, Woktrax, Young Bad Twinz, Zesar Mar
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Hard Dance / Hardcore
    LTC004 | LETS TECHNO records | 2020-08-03 | Buy
    Duck Sandoval, Vale Sandoval, Nik Wel, Axbla, Chris Van Deer, DJ Deep Noise, E-leven (UK), E-Leven UK, Duck Sandoval Vocal, Bob Ray, Duck Sandoval, Black Chef, Gigi de Martino, Procopis Gkouklias, Duck Sandoval Dark Raw, Rispetto Musiq, Vale Sandoval, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, JIMMYZKINZ, Nick.Jacholson, Ugo Anzoino, Guillermo DR, DJ Deep Noise, DEVIL MAURINI, PITCH!, Basscontroll, DJ WestBeat, Chris Henderson, Nexo, Keah, Chris Van Deer, Nik Wel
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    HP049 | High Prestige | 2020-07-17 | Buy
  • Fuck You
    Rispetto Musiq, JIMMYZKINZ, Chris Henderson, Duck Sandoval, Nexo, Basscontroll
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    LST161 | LETS TECHNO records | 2020-07-13 | Buy
  • The Dark Illuminatis Vol. 2
    Duck Sandoval, Arte Muradyan, AFFLICTED, Hanzzo, Axbla, Roman Faero, Rispetto Musiq, E-leven (UK), Nick.Jacholson, Johnny Lux, Fleischmann, Gregor Size, DJ Johan Weiss, Igor Pagliacci, Basscontroll, Ugo Anzoino, Luca 9lli, DJ Deep Noise, Vale Sandoval, Chris Van Deer, Nik Wel, Annonhakhi, Underground Tacticz, Migel Gloria
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Electronica
    HP048 | High Prestige | 2020-07-10 | Buy
  • Sacrifices In Life
    Basscontroll, Duck Sandoval
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PD006 | Perfect Darkness | 2020-07-06 | Buy
  • Night Flight
    Basscontroll, Duck Sandoval
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    C010 | Creepy | 2020-06-24 | Buy
  • Techno vs House
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PRF030 | Profunda Intellectus Records | 2020-06-17 | Buy
  • Play Cine
    DJ Deep Noise, Duck Sandoval, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Nexo, Nik Wel, Chris Van Deer, Basscontroll
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PD002 | Perfect Darkness | 2020-06-16 | Buy
  • The Energy Doctor
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    TCHNLGCL087S | Technological Records | 2020-06-12 | Buy
  • Enter Over Broken Clouds
    Kev WIllis, Basscontroll, Audiunt, DJMarz, Lie Society, Portavion, Stateline
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGD007 | Dead Groovy Deep | 2020-05-29 | Buy
  • Hypnotizing
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    SUR351 | Survivor Records | 2020-05-29 | Buy
  • Raw Synthesis
    Basscontroll, DJQ, JIMMYZKINZ, [U.G.O.], PITCH!, Nick Jacholson
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    LST117 | LETS TECHNO records | 2020-05-11 | Buy
  • The Dark Illuminatis Vol.1
    Duck Sandoval, Gregor Size, Danner, Procopis Gkouklias, Rispetto Musiq, PITCH!, Charlie Sparks (UK), Roberto Corvino, Axbla, Basscontroll, DJ Deep Noise, Vale Sandoval, Roman Faero, Nik Wel, BlackBeatz, Domingo Caballero, Dadgar, E-leven (UK), Nexo, Nick.Jacholson, Keah, Chris Van Deer, Amirowski, Arte Muradyan, Bob Ray, Xanhanda, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Joe Cozzo, Luca 9lli, Mellow Gellow, Ladan Abedini, Underground Tacticz
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Electronica
    TNDDARK01 | TECHNO NEVER DIES (Black) | 2020-05-04 | Buy
  • 10 Yrs
    Mind2Mind, Calcast, Emison, Gianni Piras, Henry Mwnn Lobbs, Reinoud Van Toledo, Jack Delhi, Judge Jay, Pirate Lady, El Brujo, Basscontroll, Kev WIllis, MaKaJa Gonzales, Mauro Novani, Mirojam, Mesopotam, Miss Adk, Ricky Sinz, N86, CH'AB, Damaged Man, Cassio Ware, DJ Youngy, Livio Bivi, Dr House, Jake 303, Corey Biggs, El Brujo
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Drum & Bass
    BLV7396465 | Jambalay Records | 2020-05-01 | Buy
  • Rush Hour - The Remixes
    Liquid Static, Basscontroll, Chris Henderson, Devestia, Jacki-E, Konvic, Audiunt, DJMarz, Mila Chiral, PITCH!, Rispetto Musiq
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM107 | Dead Groovy Music | 2020-04-24 | Buy
    Arkatekt, Lie Society, Audiunt, Basscontroll, Dan Ruffle, Dj Luxii, Duck Sandoval, Franc.Marti, Liquid Static, Nick.Jacholson, Portavion, Rispetto Musiq, Stateline, Tito K., TRIGr, Woktrax
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM006VA | Dead Groovy Music | 2020-04-24 | Buy
  • Back To The Techno Vol.1
    Duck Sandoval, Gregor Size, E-leven (UK), Bob Ray, Basscontroll, Chris Van Deer, Roman Faero
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    C004 | Creepy | 2020-04-20 | Buy
  • Electronic People, Vol. 6
    Lionel Zero, Doeme, Basscontroll, Domingo Caballero, Freak Leggix, Pavle Davchev, Nell Silva, Hans Morlier, Sander Klepper, Mai Takemura, Musho
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    RMR207 | Right Music Records | 2020-04-20 | Buy
  • En La Oscuridad
    Duck Sandoval, Procopis Gkouklias, Nick.Jacholson, DJ Deep Noise, Basscontroll, Black Chef
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    HP038 | High Prestige | 2020-04-18 | Buy
  • Premonition, Vol. 2
    Antonio Sev, Basscontroll, Basstreiber, Carlos Cabrera, Vigostar, Christopher Gonzalez, David Serrano Dj, DelphoSound, Dom3n, Exxel M, FRANZZARD, FUDA, Gregor Size, Jhonatan Stadler, Justin King Perri, Kev WIllis, Leon Blaq, MrM, Nexgar, Christopher Gonzalez
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
    RC088 | RED CHANNEL RECORDS | 2020-04-14 | Buy
  • eXistrance RE.born
    [U.G.O.], DonTToxique, Ugo Anzoino, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Gregor Size, Procopis Gkouklias, Nik Wel, DJ Deep Noise, Konvic, Arsène B, Basscontroll, VAEN, Mila Chiral
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    TOXIC393 | Toxic Recordings | 2020-04-05 | Buy
  • Dark Children Vol.1
    Duck Sandoval, Axbla, DJ Deep Noise, Nik Wel, Chris Van Deer, Roman Faero, Luca 9lli, Basscontroll, Keah, Arte Muradyan, Vale Sandoval
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Electronica
    HP035 | High Prestige | 2020-04-03 | Buy
  • Creations 2 Dream On
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    BLV7250730 | Jambalay Records | 2020-03-27 | Buy
  • The House Of Mine EP
    Tech House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    S7N033 | SE7ENS DIGITAL | 2020-03-25 | Buy
  • Tech It Out, Vol.5 (2020 WMC Edition) Techno Vs The World
    Young Bad Twinz, DestructiveBeats, Dj Michelle, Andy Buendia & Willi Ramirez, Deljoi, Rasputan, Alexander Rivera, DiCristino, Joe Cozzo, Chris Khaos, Duck Sandoval, Mima, Basscontroll, Benouf, Arkayn, Anthony Nero, El Brujo, Vivien, Calcast, JMG, CarlosAM, Bio Bane, DJ WILL::E
    Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Dance / Hardcore, Breaks, Electro House, Bass House, Future House
    LDCV11 | Electrified Mindz | 2020-03-19 | Buy
  • Tech It Out, Vol.5 (2020 WMC Edition) Techno Vs The World
    Young Bad Twinz, DestructiveBeats, Dj Michelle, Andy Buendia, Willi Ramirez, Deljoi, Rasputan, Alexander Rivera, DiCristino, Joe Cozzo, Chris Khaos, Duck Sandoval, Mima, Basscontroll, Benouf, Arkayn, Anthony Nero, El Brujo, Vivien, Calcast, JMG, CarlosAM, Bio Bane, DJ WILL::E
    Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Dance / Hardcore, Breaks, Electro House, Bass House, Future House
    MRRVA004 | Mad Rhythm Records | 2020-03-19 | Buy
  • Compilation C20 V/A Various Techno
    N.O.B.A, PITCH!, Gregor Size, Tawa Girl, Matt Ess, MacGregor, Buben, John Sparks, Keah, Victor Tiago, AFFLICTED, Manu Kenton, DJ D ReDD, Paulo AV, Duck Sandoval, El Brujo, Mhorii, VAEN, Fernando Garrido, Julio All, Jonathan De Maio, Roman Faero, D-Source, Kev WIllis, Basscontroll, Niki Snow
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    BAR055 | Basics Avenue | 2020-03-12 | Buy
  • What If !!!
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    SUR334 | Survivor Records | 2020-03-11 | Buy
  • New Style Techno
    Basscontroll, Duck Sandoval, Vale Sandoval
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    HP030 | High Prestige | 2020-03-02 | Buy
  • Floating
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM092 | Dead Groovy Music | 2020-02-28 | Buy
  • Deep And Dark Techno (Various Artists)
    2 minds, Basscontroll, El Brujo, Emison, Gianni Piras, MaKaJa Gonzales, Henry Mwnn Lobbs, DJ D ReDD, Judge Jay, Kev WIllis, Mesopotam, The Rhythm-Fixxer
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    BLV7129565 | Jambalay Records | 2020-02-21 | Buy
  • Getting It On
    Basscontroll, Black Chef, Chris Henderson, El Brujo, Franck Antenucci, JIMMYZKINZ, Mirojam, PITCH!
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM085 | Dead Groovy Music | 2020-02-21 | Buy
  • Not for Kids
    Miro Dark, deSchmid, Frank Blaze, Rymen, Pascal Horyza, BioxProduction, Trim Vox, Elazar, Skaki's, Basscontroll, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Dj Joys, A.V.O., Doeme, Cyd Dokiro
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    RMR203 | Right Music Records | 2020-02-21 | Buy
  • Nearing The End
    Basscontroll, Duck Sandoval, Vale Sandoval, Duck Sandoval, Vale Sandoval
    Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House
    HPW027 | High Prestige White | 2020-02-20 | Buy
  • Technological Selection 04
    Alex Rampol, Arni, ARTCØRE [TECHNO], B4NGA KHEN4N, Basscontroll, Black Sistem, Buben, CELEC, CLAUDIO BDJ, Cronus a.k.a Elliptical Shade, Deep DeeJay, Djonah Laforge, Downtown, Duck Sandoval, El Atalaya, Emanuele Cappello, Fell Sarassi, Giacomo Sturiano, Guido Vortex, Handsome Audience, Interstellar, Luca 9lli, Luiz Kowalsky, MATT X TECHNO, Migel Gloria, Nick.Jacholson, Niki Snow, Nizzy, Paul Brava, Angie (Cz), Pete Van Payne, Ron Levanon, Schallheadz, SGUZR, Simone Iannizz8, Stier, Will Salaz, Zkyvel
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
    TCHSLCT04 | Technological Records | 2020-02-17 | Buy
  • Love And Happiness Make Life Joyfull
    Melodic House & Techno
    MFR009 | Mufon Records | 2020-02-07 | Buy
    Duck Sandoval, Rispetto Musiq, Roman Faero, Basscontroll, E-Leven UK, Luca 9lli, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Ladan Abedini, Chris Van Deer, Underground Tacticz
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    HP027 | High Prestige | 2020-02-03 | Buy
  • Patches For A Good Life
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    TK054 | Techno Killer Records | 2020-01-18 | Buy
  • Subwoofer Records Presents Best Songs of 2019
    Blas Miller, Gigi de Martino, Boeseman, JLuna, Young Bad Twinz, Alice R. Wonda, Barbax, JKOVA, Lush9, BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), Dadgar, Portax, Jesika Jane, Alen Milivojevic, Drzneday, Doeme, Chromophone, Nexo, Benn-x, Lina Respen, G.M.P., Joe Cozzo, Calcast, Tony Romanello, Goose Tann, David Picazo, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Alik, Antonio Ruiz, Arci (DE), Back 2 EEA, Basscontroll, Billy Niko, Blastculture, Buben, Carles DJ, Jim Neyra, CCPP, Chanse, Claudia C., Coach, Corey Biggs, Cristian, Da Mad Mixologist, Denis Dezuz, DEVIL MAURINI, Dj Lancy, DJQ, Duchen Kollen, Dvazz Brothers, Emanuele Spada, Emilove, Vicky Merlino, Genluigi Pepe, Hermes, iToledo, JIMMYZKINZ, Jono, LEZAMAboy, Machine John, Marco Caetano, Matith Yâh, Micki Visani, Miguel Kobain, Neo Mind, Nick Bowman, Paul Psr Ryder, Phatninja Beats, Raul Ron, Reactant (MT), Reiner Liwenc, Sean Mahoney, The Maniacs, Tom Kras, TrixX K, Wieger Van Den Ham, Roby M Rage, Roby M Rage, Tawa Girl, Boeseman, Noseda, DJ Steel, Rispetto Musiq, DJ Scale Ripper, Stephan Crown, Nizzy, Hänk B, MRJN, ARTCØRE [TECHNO], EpZ, Owen Offset
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    SUBBEST19 | Subwoofer Red | 2019-12-30 | Buy
  • Undergroundz Vol. 1
    Tony Mafia, Dalca, Laex, Kevin Ehrlich, Theo Aguilera, Duck Sandoval, Karman, Rosber, Basscontroll, Alejandro Ferreira, Lahas, Vincent Benincasa, Ian McCoy, Hunab Ku, Tito K., Franc.Marti, Daniel Oscuf, Theo Aguilera
    Hard Dance / Hardcore, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    URCVA001 | Undergroundz | 2019-12-29 | Buy
  • Best Of Techno Addicts 2018 - 2019
    Chris Piks, Boeseman, Tony Mafia, Filalete, Jay Toledo, Vincent Benincasa, Charlie Sparks (UK), Jiberish, Half Robot, Hunab Ku, Franc.Marti, LifeoftheParty, Theo Aguilera, Santiago Acevedo, Marooned, Speed Mode, Duck Sandoval, Mellow Gellow, Oddible, Domingo Caballero, Gyles, Frank Lehmann, Laex, Dema (NL), Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Pancho Galvez, Atze Ton, Tony Mafia, Igor Pagliacci, Filalete, AnToN KuRT, Marver, Basscontroll, Black Chef, Tito K., Mike Spinx, Dreieck, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, M.uckermann, Michael Felix, Blank Blanker
    Hard Dance / Hardcore, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    TARBEST20182019 | Techno Addicts | 2019-12-28 | Buy
  • The Found Sounds of E5
    Arkatekt, Basscontroll, Chris Henderson, Four Candles, JIMMYZKINZ, Kurt Arnlund, Lie Society, PITCH!, Portavion, Rispetto Musiq, Ross Geldart, Stateline, TRIGr
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Dance / Hardcore
    DGM004VA | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-12-27 | Buy
  • The Best Tracks on Right Music Records in 2019 Year.
    Freak Leggix, Greg Strubutas, Sander Klepper, VAEN, Dj Joys, Musho, Darksidevinyl, Assuc, N3gr0, Miro Dark, Roger & Rolling, Hans Morlier, Matovyy, Fernando Garrido, Basscontroll, Subliminal Source, Hovanni, R/D/V, Nakam, Buben, Block A, Mai Takemura, Alessandro Peri, Da Mad Mixologist, Jame Zname, Jay Mosley, Juan Luna, LOUIZ, Ivanor, Alessandro Cocco, A.V.O., Deep Secrets, sanmar, Rupe, MarmorMetall, Sæb, Mateja Marinkovic, Jame Zname, Diego Cid, Nema, Qubey, RUBIUM, Ya.Ma, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Pavle Davchev, Dominik Haak, Doeme, Miro Dark, The Dark Matter, Freak Leggix, Heyspace, Assuc
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno, Electronica, Progressive House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Hard Techno, Breaks
    BT2019 | Right Music Records | 2019-12-24 | Buy
  • Electronic People, Vol. 5
    Fernando Garrido, Musho, Freak Leggix, VAEN, Sander Klepper, Miro Dark, Dj Joys, Basscontroll, A.V.O., sanmar
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    RMR199 | Right Music Records | 2019-12-23 | Buy
  • Afterhours Techno
    Binka, Bare Hugg, Auxzelot, Basscontroll, Beatfreaque, Kiva, Buben, E.D.D.B, Da Mad Mixologist, Franc.Marti, FUDA, Lindes Garcia, JIMMYZKINZ, Nick.Jacholson, The Headbusta, Tito K.
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Dance / Hardcore, Melodic House & Techno
    DGM003VA | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-12-20 | Buy
  • Techno Killer Bombs Vol. 2
    Buben, Laex, Dalca, Allan Eissen, Franc.Marti, Andrei Gabriel, Tony Mafia, Kompa, Randon, Marver, Hernan Alvarellos, emiliaNO (AR), Aleck Berserk, Jiberish, Petrucci (IT), Saviolo, Duck Sandoval, Teknotik, Basscontroll, Underground Tacticz, A C R U X, Ak (BE), Sasha Sound, Solitek, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    TKVA006 | Techno Killer Records | 2019-12-13 | Buy
  • Dark Collection Vol.1
    Duck Sandoval, PITCH!, Danner, Xanhanda, Domingo Caballero, DJ Deep Noise, BlackBeatz, Roberto Corvino, Gregor Size, Procopis Gkouklias, Charlie Sparks (UK), Joe Cozzo, Dadgar, DJ Johan Weiss, Nik Wel, Chris Van Deer, Amirowski, Mellow Gellow, Underground Tacticz, Basscontroll, Nick.Jacholson, Nexo
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno
    HP023 | High Prestige | 2019-12-06 | Buy
  • Techno Killer Records Vol. 5
    Tony Mafia, Kompa, Randon, Laex, Andrei Gabriel, Dalca, Kevin Ehrlich, Underground Tacticz, Basscontroll, Duck Sandoval, Jiberish, Teknotik, Dema (NL), emiliaNO (AR), Lahas, Sasha Sound, A C R U X, Allan Eissen, Zimmermann (GER), Ak (BE), Marver
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    TKVA005 | Techno Killer Records | 2019-11-23 | Buy
  • Broken World
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM067 | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-11-15 | Buy
  • Underground Sessions 3 (15 Unmixed Tracks Selected by Tony Mafia)
    Lahas, Klinsmann, Tony Mafia, Speed Mode, Vincent Benincasa, Frank Lehmann, Laex, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Basscontroll, Half Robot, Duck Sandoval, Domingo Caballero, Dema (NL), Can't Tell Me No!, Sasha Sound, Underground Tacticz, Dalca
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PLATTEN045A | PLATTENLABEL | 2019-11-09 | Buy
  • After Hours Vol. 3
    Laex, Cesar Ascoy, Rosber, Tony Mafia, Vincent Benincasa, Dreid Alvarez, Frank Lehmann, Dalca, Kompa, Randon, Jay Toledo, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Andrei Gabriel, Can't Tell Me No!, TRP0902, Franc.Marti, Basscontroll, Jiberish, Mellow Gellow, Kevin Ehrlich, Andrea Graziani, Allan Eissen, Franz Möller, Duck Sandoval, Teknotik, Tony Mafia, B.Moonque
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PLATTEN045 | PLATTENLABEL | 2019-11-02 | Buy
  • The Known
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    SUR275 | Survivor Records | 2019-10-23 | Buy
  • ADE SAMPLER 2019
    Tony Mafia, Allan Eissen, Zimmermann (GER), Basscontroll, Underground Tacticz, A C R U X, Duck Sandoval, Ak (BE)
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    TKADE2019 | Techno Killer Records | 2019-10-19 | Buy
  • ADE SAMPLER 2019
    Tony Mafia, Frank Lehmann, Laex, Domingo Caballero, Duck Sandoval, Dema (NL), Basscontroll, Can't Tell Me No!, Jiberish, Vincent Benincasa, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Ak (BE)
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    TARADE2019 | Techno Addicts | 2019-10-18 | Buy
  • X
    Mirojam, El Brujo, Jiri Chvatal, Basscontroll, Electronic Beach, Dano C, Mirojam
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Electronica
    BLV6658179 | Jambalay Records | 2019-10-11 | Buy
  • Techno Addicted Vol 8
    Tony Mafia, Filalete, Jay Toledo, Laex, Dalca, Rosber, Kevin Ehrlich, Kompa, Randon, Jiberish, Domingo Caballero, Charlie Sparks (UK), Chris Piks, Aiva, Daniel Oscuf, Dema (NL), Mellow Gellow, Dreid Alvarez, Fatrik, Kade (Seoul), Duck Sandoval, Dreieck, Aleck Berserk, Speed Mode, Teknotik, Allan Eissen, The Space Guy, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Half Robot, Andrea Graziani, Gyles, Gange, Hunab Ku, emiliaNO (AR), Ak (BE), Petrucci (IT), Saviolo, M.uckermann, DoctA Hipnoto, Basscontroll, Dalca
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Melodic House & Techno
    TARVA016 | Techno Addicts | 2019-10-06 | Buy
  • Unsolved Mysteries
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM051 | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-09-20 | Buy
  • Techno Addicts 1 Year, Pt. 1
    Boeseman, Chris Piks, Toxic D.N.A, Tony Mafia, Dalca, Kompa, Randon, Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio, Filalete, Duck Sandoval, Ronny Kwizt, Desaxe (FR), Black Chef, Cesar Ascoy, Fatrik, Kade (Seoul), Gange, Laex, Domingo Caballero, Arkanzas, Kevin Ehrlich, Teknotik, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Igor Pagliacci, Rosber, Andrei Gabriel, Atze Ton, Tony Mafia, M.uckermann, Basscontroll, Toxic D.N.A, Marver, AnToN KuRT, Mike Spinx
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno
    TARVA013 | Techno Addicts | 2019-09-13 | Buy
  • Hypnotic Skull
    JAYSTRNG, TANKHAMUN, Dima-Tekk, Rispetto Musiq, Sixth Tone, Basscontroll
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    HSR053 | Hypnotic Skull Recordings | 2019-09-13 | Buy
  • After Hours Vol. 2
    Domingo Caballero, Gabby Diaz, Duck Sandoval, Tony Mafia, Kompa, Randon, Laex, Kevin Ehrlich, Boeseman, Marver, Franz Möller, Desaxe (FR), Allan Eissen, Teknotik, Jiberish, Exitium (DE), OverBrook, Dalca, Ronny Kwizt, Karman, Black Chef, Blank & Blanker, Speed Mode, Dalca, Basscontroll, Daniel Oscuf
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PLATTEN036 | PLATTENLABEL | 2019-08-26 | Buy
  • Techno Killer Records Vol. 4
    Laex, Buben, Tony Mafia, Duck Sandoval, Dalca, A C R U X, Allan Eissen, Marver, Andrei Gabriel, Karman, Cesar Ascoy, Alejandro Ferreira, Exitium (DE), The Darkcreator, Basscontroll, Jiberish, Petrucci (IT), Saviolo, Tobim Bross, Saverio Bill, Acidic Beats, Re-Lax, Ian McCoy, Tito K., Marver, Franc.Marti, Blank & Blanker, Speed Mode, Daniel Oscuf
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Melodic House & Techno
    TKVA004 | Techno Killer Records | 2019-08-24 | Buy
  • Disco Berlin Vol. 10
    Tony Mafia, Rico Star, Jaime Cabrera, Pancho Galvez, Duck Sandoval, Horan, A503X, Dan Lonly, Teknotik, Maky Kruse, Aamori, Youko, Strikly Nine, BASS X 92, Miiko, Basscontroll, Dr. Rucco, Koston Ferelly, Hermjo, Marver, Nykoluke, DJ Saver Kill Bill, Melomono, Dookieb
    Tech House, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Nu Disco / Disco
    DKRVA016 | Discokat Records | 2019-08-17 | Buy
  • AKIRA アキラ Remixed
    [U.G.O.], Chris Henderson, [U.G.O.], Franco Paulsen, Raw Vandalz, Master Master, MiSinki, Van Dexter, Basscontroll, Franck Antenucci, JIMMYZKINZ, Hänk B.
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    TOXIC361 | Toxic Recordings | 2019-08-12 | Buy
  • Connecting Phases
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PRS141 | Professional RockStars Records | 2019-07-29 | Buy
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (Techno Afterhours)
    Gianni Piras, Jack Pot, Mastery, Mirojam, LGF, Mikey Reverb, Basscontroll, El Brujo, Antonio Lombardo, 2minds, ECHOBEAT, Maya (DE), Buben, Pain_t, JIMMYZKINZ, Reinoud Van Toledo, N86, DJ Jes One, Nicholas Graceffa, Domingo Caballero, MaKaJa Gonzales, CH'AB, Hideyoshi, Kev WIllis, DJ D ReDD, Coach, Corey Biggs, Emul8tor, Toxic D.N.A, Henry Mwnn Lobbs, Ricky Sinz, DJQ
    Electronica, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    BLV6429823 | Jambalay Records | 2019-07-19 | Buy
  • Dark N' Hard 001 - Hard Edition
    Arci, JIMMYZKINZ, [U.G.O], Basscontroll, Assuc, FUDA, Healing Noises, Da Mad Mixologist, Gregor Size, Katarina Ohalloran, MiSinki, Nick.Jacholson, Politis, Miss Adk, Raw Vandalz, Van Dexter, Tito K., Rispetto Musiq, Toxic D.N.A, Duck Sandoval
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    DGM002VA | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-07-12 | Buy
  • We Call It 'Hard Techno' Vol. 3
    Dalca, Concat, Marver, Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio, Kevin Ehrlich, Tony Mafia, Allan Eissen, Jiberish, Duck Sandoval, Laex, Exitium (DE), Tito K., Speed Mode, Dalca, Basscontroll, Blank & Blanker, Calcast
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    PLATTEN026 | PLATTENLABEL | 2019-07-06 | Buy
  • Forever Techno Vol. 1
    Lex Marvelous, Laylae, Lee Bryan DJ, Hillson, Diezel, Merlin, DJ Baloo, E.R.G., El Brujo, Tribal Injection, Cross Beat, Basscontroll, TANKHAMUN
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    MITDC46 | Music Is The Drug | 2019-07-06 | Buy
  • DOOM 2.0
    JIMMYZKINZ, [U.G.O], Arkatekt, Basscontroll, Danny Wilson, Franck Antenucci, Hänk B., The Headbusta, MiSinki
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM025 | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-06-28 | Buy
  • Dark N' Hard - Dark Edition
    Lorenzo Chi, The Headbusta, Pavle Davchev, Jame Zname, Auxzelot, Domingo Caballero, Franc.Marti, Miguel Dacoste, Xanhanda, TrixX K, Exitium (DE), Katarina Ohalloran, Grimmaldika, Buben, Basscontroll, DJ Deep Noise, FUDA, Kev WIllis, Mudd.Zed, Nick.Jacholson, MiSinki
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    DGM001VA | Dead Groovy Music | 2019-06-28 | Buy
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