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Yuzza was born in 1987 in Russia. Since childhood, she was drawn to music, which she was actively involved in. Playing the guitar, a passion for singing and an immense love of art accompanied every stage of her life. Thanks to her unusual timbre, in 2009, she received an offer to become a vocalist in a hard rock band, where she was not only a soloist, but also a songwriter. Over time, her deep interest in electronic music led her to a passion for professional DJing. Having mastered the art of DJing, Yuzza began performing in many clubs and venues. After moving to Armenia, she continued to improve her musical skills, which led her to a new stage in her career – creating electronic music. Her rich creative experience in the music field and unique worldview contributed to the formation of her present day inimitable charming style. Each of her sets and tracks are filled with vivid melodies combined with sensual rhythms and elements of graceful drama, harmoniously complemented by her unsurpassed captivating presentation.


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