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Buchla Systems empower infinitely creative, complex musical freedom and endless sonic possibilities.

The first step in building a Buchla system is to understand the basics of the Buchla product family to insure that the system you design performs as intended. Many of the modules in the Buchla paradigm are multifunctional and deep. 200e and 200h modules are compatible in the same system and work together. The descriptions and categorizations below are overviews. Click on the module links in the descriptions below to learn more about each.

Modular Concepts

It’s important to understand that Buchla 200e and 200h modules are dependent on other 200e and 200h modules to create a full synthesizer, none are independent synthesizers on their own. Some exclusively generate control voltages to affect other modules versus working directly with audio signals. You need to create a system – a collection of appropriate modules – for a fully functional synthesizer. Usually, at minimum, you will want: an Oscillator (261e, 259e), an Envelope Generator (281e, 281h), a Dynamics module (292e, 292h), and a MIDI module (225e, 225h, 226h) if you want to play/sync your Buchla system via MIDI. If ever in doubt, contact us. We’re happy to help.

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