Old School Techno & Wake Up at Kapan AN

12/14/2019 At Kapan Han

Event Details

Date: 12/14/2019
Location: Kapan Han
Address: Salih Asim Street 22, 1103 Skopje, B. Yugoslav Republic. Macedonia - Skopje
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/701857723637139/

Opening up a new chapter of Skopje’s oldest running night club, an XV century han from the Ottoman Empire transforms into the city’s most forward-looking and contemporary music club at nights.

Dear fans of Techno and House music, it is our great honor to invite you to attend the underground party in Skopje in 2019! Unforgettable at least!

Join us to feel the great sounds, to contribute to the passion and loyalty of our friends from the global music family! This is for all ravers who love and know to enjoy the perfect harmony with the sound of electronic underground music.

Visit this unforgettable party to experience the common pleasure as well as celebrating the dark style of nightlife!

Philip AckowskyTechno-Agency | Old School Music
DJ Jame ZnameOld School Music | Right Music Records
Mar BlaneInk
Icko Tolov

Start: 23:00
Ticket on the Door: 150 Den.

See you on the dance-floor!

right music records 1 Right Music Records
old school techno wake up at kapan an Right Music Records
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