RMP.15 sanmar

Sanmar is an independent project aiming at creating a unique sound despite of the genre. The project was initiated by George Ambartsumian dj and producer aka Goga G. Deeply engaging music from early childhood, 7 years of piano as well as self taught drum and percussion. At the age 33 he decided on creating a project dedicated to his children Sandro and Marie.
1. Unpin – Warp2. Bass Playah – WWW3. The Soft Machine – It’s Operational (CHIDA Remix)4. Reflex Blue – Invalid Code5. Pletnev – Bass Covered With Gold6. Vegas Soul – Diffusion7. phazer – What U Do 2 Me (Youandewan Remix)8. The Visitor – Peggy9. S.P.Q.R. and Mental Pabvlvm – Mantras10. Lisine – Cloud Chamber11. Etnica – Checker Flag12. Warp 69 – Floating13. Dr. Walker – Don’t FucK With Cologne14. Naked Ape – This is now15. Abysm – Future Love16. Crosby – Schlamm17. Günce Ac – The Circle Is Not Round18. Eden Burns – Dance When The19. Glen S – Most Wanted20. Erik & Fiedel – Donna

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