Publish a digital product in a store
Rules for adding your Product through the publication form:
The title of the Product should contain only the unique name of the product being sold and consist of 1-3 words.
The summary of the goods contains the essence of the goods sold, its main purpose. A brief description is displayed on the page of the archive of categories or labels of goods and can be used when conducting your advertising campaign.
The author should add the most complete description of his product, indicating in it:
Purpose of the Goods
description of its main advantages
if necessary, a step-by-step procedure for installing the Goods, if it will be required after the purchase by the Buyer
if possible, the most complete description of the use of the Goods
Be sure to indicate the conditions of support for buyers that they may need after purchasing the goods
Contact information must be provided on which Buyers can contact the author of the Goods
The file to be sold must contain the full version of the Product, the Product must not be a trial version or part of another Product or Product
The file downloaded for sale must be packed in a zip format archive and must not exceed more than 25 megabytes
Product must have at least one image uploaded
Publish the Product without being its author, or without the permission of the author of this Product.
Post information materials, various courses and seminars offering dubious earnings or personal growth as Goods
In the description of the Product, place links to third-party resources.

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