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Gen Thalz

Gen Thalz

Gen Thalz is a continuous process, a multimedia space of Marlon B. Zoleta from Philippines experimenting with audio-visual even in
Skaki's - Right Music Records


Skaki’s a.k.a. Skaki is a underground dj & producer based in small town in Bulgaria. He meet electronic music in
Miro Dark

Miro Dark

EDEX Right Music Records


Musho - Right Music Records


Musho was Born in the midst of the 80’s in Yerevan. He started his Dj-ing career in 2006 in professional


Hisaki13 is a NYC based TECHNO DJ / PRODUCER driven and inspired by his adventures and explorations in New York
Sander Klepper - Right Music Records

Sander Klepper

Sander Klepper was born in 1974 in the Netherlands.He came into contact with dance music in the early 90’s. During
Right Music Records

Domingo Caballero

Experimental Electronics from the roots. Born in Guayaquil, Domingo Caballero was the first techno producer in Ecuador. Mass released by
Just Doc

Just Doc

Just Doc a.k.a Conor Doherty, from Belfast, was Previously part of 2 fantastic duo’s ‘Public Malfunction’ and ‘Orenda’ Hitting the
Sella Hess Right Music Records

Sella Hess

Developing a love of electronic music from a young age, Sella Hess style is unique, eclectic and wide ranging. From
hans Right Music Records

Hans Morlier

Hans started producing tracks in 2008 and has released them on labels all over the world. He specialises in atmospheric
Optiplex Right Music Records


Artista Brasileiro que vem causando grande impacto na cena da música underground. Optiplex vem trazendo junto sons mais ácidos e


Mahyar AKA HOLDKEDVESET is the electronic music producer and live artist. He studied sound engineering at school and followed it
Fernando Garrido Right Music Records

Fernando Garrido

Assuc 2 Right Music Records


Assuc is a Spanish producer focused on Dark and Psychotropic Techno sounds.
Mai Takemura Right Music Records

Mai Takemura

Mai Takemura is Japanese Female Techno Producer & DJ. She started as DJ at Tokyo, Japan and got on with career.
Doeme Right Music Records



Marco Kallas

Marco Kallas (his real name is Alexander Kalinin) was born in Ukraine December 1991. He was began his music education
VAEN 600x480 Right Music Records


Dj depuis 1997, VAEN a été bercé au son du Cherry Moon et d’autres clubs belges comme le Lagoa, l’H2o,
image Right Music Records


Guido Braun a.k.a. WAFFENSUPERMARKT (or WSM) has been playing rock, jazz and avantgarde music for more than 30 years. Today,
Jame Zname - Right Music Records

Jame Zname

Jame Zname born in Skopje, Macedonia, in 1993, Jame Zname’s first contact with electronic music was in her high-school days.
Terra4beat 600x480 Right Music Records


Denis Golivets it Terra4Beat is a person not changing to the stylistics and a genre to musical culture. The first
Techspace 600x480 1 Right Music Records


TECHSPACE is a producer and DJ from Russian focused on Techno / Minimal /DeepTech / Progressive styles. It is working
LFOS0 1 Right Music Records


Jeff Tovar

Jeff Tovar

Electronica. That’s where Jeff Tovar calls home. He first fell in love with electronic music as a teenager in the
Carlos Chravez

Carlos Chravez

Carlos Chravez was born as Robert Kruse at 8th of Septembre in 1984 and grown up in the North- East
Righr Music Records

Ismael Rivas

Born in Spain, and over 20 years of experience behind him, Ismael Rivas, has amply demonstrated why he is one


Rymen grew up on the edge of Berlin. In his youth he was influenced by the Techno scene there.  He
France Musican


France – An experimental Techno producer from Australia. France is constantly trying to create and develop his own sound and
BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm)

BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm)

BGR – Techno Producer. Based in the UK, BGR started out Djing in the early 90s. Back then his styles
Cyd Dokiro

Cyd Dokiro

Cyd Dokiro AKA Cédric Decroupette DJ from Liége – Belgium has always vibrated to the rhythms of techno – dark
Freak Leggix 1 Right Music Records

Freak Leggix

At the age of 14, Freek Seisveld, also known as Freak Leggix, started to delve into Music Production. After years
Hum4nDro1d Right Music Records


Juan Diego Velasquez Rios [A.K.A Hum4nDro1d] DJ, composer and musician producer , born in Medellin-Colombia in the middle of 90´s
Diego Cid

Diego Cid

Diego Cid is an international icon. Born in the midst of the 60’s in Buenos Aires, Diego discovered his passion
image 1 Right Music Records

Anthony Brahv

Anthony Brahv, Dj Producer Mexican with a 10 year career in the electronic scene has been dedicated to producing Techno,
Hiroki Esashika

Hiroki Esashika

Hiroki Esashika started his career as a Producer in 1997. Born in the most northern part of Japan, Sapporo  (Hokkaido),
MarmorMetall -Right Music Records


After playing guitar and keyboard in the 90’s Silas Pittner alias MarmorMetall is djing and producing electronic music since 4
Harakiri Brothers 600x480 Right Music Records

Harakiri Brothers

Harakiri Brothers – Patrick und Kevin sind zwei Jungs aus dem Taunus, die in der U60-Family groß geworden sind und
Bryan Scott Right Music Records

Bryan Scott

Bryan Scott has been an avid fan of techno since its beginning, when he discovered the iconic sound of the
Patricio Pereira

Patricio Pereira

17035516 416741518667062 735362551 n 600x480 Right Music Records

Pavle Davchev

Juan Campos Right Music Records

Juan Campos

Juan Campos was born in the mid-eighties in the south of Spain. His interest in electronic music arose at the
Singz Panache

Singz Panachè

Singz Panachè a DJ, Sound Designer & Producer hails out of Lansdowne in India. An Entertainment Technician, Master of Ceremony &
roger rolling Right Music Records

Roger & Rolling

Home for fans of club culture.
Right Music Records

CF Corporation

Mexico-based electronic music production project.
IMG 5824 Right Music Records

Alessandro Peri

Alessandro Peri was born in Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 1995. From an early age he became passionate about music and
matovyy 2 Right Music Records


s b Right Music Records


Sæb. Born and raised in Sicily. His first approach to music was at the age of 6 when he started


MHS Right Music Records


Dark synthesizers, high bass lines, hypnotic atmosphere, powerful and deep sounds, is the perfect recipe to describe this DJ and
dj joys Right Music Records

Dj Joys

Walter G. Miedwiediew conocido Art. Como DJ JOYS, Nacido en Buenos Aires Argentina a los 14 años comenzó a conocerse
bosphore 600x480 Right Music Records


Vladislav Krasovskiy (Bosphore) became interested in electronic music back in the ’90s, in the early days of the club culture
IL Gualdo Right Music Records

IL Gualdo

IL Gualdo is a TECHNO producer and DJ.He was born in buenos aires in 1989. He started his career in
the dark matter Right Music Records

The Dark Matter

The Dark Matter is Upfront, Individual Techno aka The Music of Damion O’Brien based in Manchester UK. O’Brien started writing
kodeia Right Music Records


Mattia Greco in art KODEIA, class 90, was born in Carrara in the beautiful setting of the Apuan Alps. Very
darksidevinyl Right Music Records


Darksidevinyl hailing from Egypt and based in St. Petersburg Darksidevinyl is an artist with formidable talent. Darksidevinyl creates a fusion
juan luna Right Music Records

Juan Luna

Juan Luna is a dj was born in Venezuela, with 18 years of experience in electronic music like techno, tech
buben Right Music Records


BUBEN got #9 in HARDCORE / HARD TECHNO TOP 100 RELEASES on Beatportwith his EP Out of Eyeshot released on
alessandro cocco Right Music Records

Alessandro Cocco

Alessandro Cocco is an Italian artist, born in Rome, where he has started his first steps in the world of
undr Right Music Records


CDMX / MX ŪNDR es un proyecto emergente de la CDMX creado en el 2019 que combina dos proyectos individuales,
Deep Secrets Right Music Records

Deep Secrets

Deep Secrets born 01/02/1990. When I was 14 years old, DJ Rush, Dave Clarke himself has stolen my heart, listening
subliminal source Right Music Records

Subliminal Source

Subliminal Source, Brasil, DJ/Producer, Techno & Hardcore/Hard Techno
Elazar - Right Music Records


Deep melodic sound. Bright energy. High vibrations. Honey of electronic music.
Rohar Right Music Records


Rohar is the dark alias of Cream Resident, Rob Harnetty. Since starting on this new path in mid 2017, Rohar
BIOXPRODUCTION Right Music Records


VILAS MONNAPPA Right Music Records

Vilas Monnappa

Vilas Monnappa, denizen of Bangalore, an aesthete to electronic music got his primer at the age of 15, since then
Pablo Patch Right Music Records

Pablo Patch

Pablo Patch and his unique style of music has been consolidated thanks to the influences of the best producers, musicians
Block A Right Music Records

Block A

Started activity in 2009 by the nickname Psiberia in the genre of drum and bass music. There are several releases.
7ofClubs Right Music Records


The Seven of Clubs is the most spiritual card of the deck and the task of this Seven is to
Right Music Records

ThomaZ Müller ( HU )

ThomaZ Müller  was born in 1991.  He started writing music on a hobby level 7 years ago.  Techno music has
Jonathan De Maio Right Music Records

Jonathan De Maio

triangulum collective Right Music Records

Triangulum Collective

A new project made by three young artists, audiophiles, DJs and producers, Mario, Stefan & Tommy. Listeners of the electronic
heyspace Right Music Records


Roman Marchenkov [ Heyspace ] is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia –
image 1 Right Music Records


Miditec was born in the 80s and early got in touch with electronic influenced music from Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.
deschmid Right Music Records


My first Contact with Techno was in the young age of seven when I listened to Music one of my
modular right music records Right Music Records


ModulΛr formerly known as RalphiDee is a Dj and producer from Germany. He started in the mid 90s as a
Constantine Law Right Music Records

Constantine Law

I work towards a Techno and Tech House. It was published on such labels as: Bulldozer Records, I Tech Connect
sanmar Right Music Records


Sanmar is an independent project aiming at creating a unique sound despite of the genre. The project was initiated by
2 600x480 Right Music Records

Antonio Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz nace en 1981 en la ciudad de Ubeda (España). Desde los 13 años se ve atraido por la
jay mosley Right Music Records

Jay Mosley

Hailing from the underground club scene of NYC and based in the party capital known as Las Vegas, Jay Mosley
da mad mixologist Right Music Records

Da Mad Mixologist

For Da Mad Mixologist (D.M.M.) only the music matters. With more than 15 years experience in the music industry this
A.V.O. Right Music Records


Volkan Berg Right Music Records

Volkan Berg

Volkan started his dj-ing career on classical MK2 and vinyls end of the 90s in Düsseldorf, Germany. He always loved
dominik haak Right Music Records

Dominik Haak

Nastya 600x480 Right Music Records


I was born in a small village in the east of Ukraine to a normal family. Nobody was a musician
Yuzza Right Music Records


Yuzza was born in 1987 in Russia. Since childhood, she was drawn to music, which she was actively involved in.
frank blaze Right Music Records

Frank Blaze

Satoshi Nakao

Satoshi Nakao

tito k Right Music Records

Tito K

RDV Right Music Records


Peter Wok Right Music Records


Belgian Stefan Blommaert started DJ-ing in 1994 as he bought his first set of second hand turntables. Played venues and
nakam Right Music Records


Nakam is a Japanese music producer / DJ / composer now based in Germany.
MICHON 600x480 Right Music Records


Supported by: Nicole Moudaber, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, POPOF, Shiba San, Vanilla Ace, Amine Edge & DANCE, Paco Osuna, Sirus
Volodia Rizak 600x480 Right Music Records

Volodia Rizak

Basscontroll Right Music Records


I started my bedroom dj career in early nineties on my brother’s SL1200 mk2’s only later in 2010 i bought
N3gr0 Right Music Records


From Argentina, living in Buenos Aires, he was born on 1994; since he was a child he was influenced by
Juhan Kleingold 1 Right Music Records

Juhan Kleingold

I produce a unique style of Minimal/Techno.Through my own interpretation of techno i am bringing a different style & aim
Chelakhov Right Music Records


Chelakhov is a Russian DJ and producer from Murmansk. He has been churning out quality tracks since 2012 and during
Greg Denbosa 600x480 Right Music Records

Greg Denbosa

Greg Denbosa is a dominant DJ Techno. The musical virus spurred the early 2000s, therefore, he began collecting records by
Psychmachine 1 Right Music Records


My name is Mark Thompson Aka Psychmachine and I’ve been making Electronic music for about 3 yrs. I started many
ACIID BEATZ 600x480 Right Music Records


ACIID BEATZ is Electronic Music Producer from Sri Lanka who is currently based in the Sultanate. His journey began as
Greg Venny Right Music Records

Greg Venny

Greg Venny was born in the UK. He has loved electronic music for as long as he can remember and
Ignacio Tardieu 600x480 Right Music Records

Ignacio Tardieu

Ignacio Tardieu, better known as Ignacio TC, is a music producer and DJ from Madrid with over a decade of
mateja marinkovic Right Music Records

Mateja Marinkovic

Mateja Marinkovic is a uprising producer & DJ from Serbia and has produced for Right Music Records, Happy Days Records,
WP qjsM19A12 600x480 Right Music Records


Gallagher – DJ and the producer who has grown up in the Urals of Russia. Gallagher has started the musical
image Right Music Records


DJ, producer, co-owner of “Death Bell Records” label, Razmik Makhsudyan aka Tøtal, was born in Yerevan in 1992. He began
Vision2 600x480 Right Music Records


Vision2 – Dominik K. and Kacper B., a production duo hailing from Bydgoszcz, Poland. Their tracks are already playlisted on
Void 600x480 Right Music Records

Void (FR)

Back in 2011, it all started when Void taught himself to the turntables. In recent years, he traveled on electronic
hovannii Right Music Records


I was born in Armenia in Yerevan. I live in Russia since 1992. Received higher education in the Altay State
The Outsider

The Outsider

nema 1 Right Music Records


Nema is a German techno DJ and producer since 2018. Nema, who has been making music since 2004, moved to
Qubey Right Music Records


Qubey producer and dj based in Poznan, Poland. His journey with electronic music production began many in 2009 with dub
Ya.Magda Right Music Records


Yaroslav was born in 1994 and raised in a small town in  central Ukraine. from childhood, listening to Techno, he began
Shosho 600x480 Right Music Records


An ambiguous, yet eargasmic mixture of deep, tech and techno, tingles your receptors when you listen to Shosho behind the
Sakiee Deep 600x480 Right Music Records

Sakiee Deep

Jared pastor 600x480 Right Music Records

Jared Pastore

Through the wont to shock the masses in the anti-establishment art movement known as Dada, Surrealism was born. It is
MR 600x480 Right Music Records


Dj Ars


Tracklis Soon Tracklist Soon Tracklist Soon Tracklist Soon Tracklist Soon
Louiz Right Music Records


Yon Dj Right Music Records

Yon Dj

Frankie Bromley Right Music Records

Frankie Bromley

Frankie Bromley a 16 year old phenomenon from Blackpool, UK, is a DJ & Producer & electronic music enthusiast. It
DBMASSIVE 600x480 Right Music Records


dbmassive is a dj & producer techno , techno and his life, began his DJ career in 2002, after a
nell silva Right Music Records

Nell Silva

DJ BSR 1 Right Music Records


DJ BSR’s love for electronic music started in de late eighties / eary nineties. Almost immediately he felt the need
Greg Strubutas 1 Right Music Records

Greg Strubutas

Greg Strubutas a young artists from Greece.Greg Strubutas presents electronic sounds inspired of the style of Techno genre. Inside of
spliff22 71 V2 Live Mix Right Music Records mp3 image Right Music Records


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