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Wurlitzer Swingin Rhythm Right Music Records

Wurlitzer Model 5020 Analog Drum Machine. Electronic Swingin’ Rhythm, Model 5020. I’d say this is probably early 1970’s. Great vintage sound. Trigger (or play) the kit yourself with depression buttons for bass, brush, snare (roll), block, and cymbal. If you’ve played one of these before, I don’t need to describe the simple pleasure of playing a really complicated beat on four or five fingers and having your other hand free as well as your feet for bass and lead parts. The built in loops are pretty standard for the era of organ accessory drum machines: Waltz, Latin, Foxtrot, Teen, & March. You can double and triple up the loops as well as adjust tempo, and also add your own embellishments with the five individual drums that you can trigger. The light on the left is power, the light on the right flashes in time with your preset tempo. This isn’t a super easy drum machine to find, both in terms of general scarcity and because if you have one, you’re playing it. Fresh from a local estate. It’s about 4″ tall, 7-1/2″ wide and 9″ deep. It is unique and different from the Roland, Univox, Maestro, Korg or other combo organ analog drum machines you’ll find around. It is a mono unit, single RCA output as well as an auxiliary input, and an external control that must be organ driven via single RCA. Great old drum machine with a great sound. Someone else wrote on Ebay awhile back but ‘The subtle uniqueness of this machine truly stands out in a mix, and that is why rappers, hip-hop artists, and circuit-benders seek them out. Uniqueness is in and it can bend.

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