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It is not advisable to email multiple teams simultaneously, this only causes confusion amongst teams and can lead to delays with processing your requests.

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e-mail: [email protected]

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e-mail: [email protected]

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    How to register on the site?

    1 WAY
    Go to the page here
    Fill in the login fields;
    enter your email;
    create a password to enter the site;
    press the send button;
    2 METHOD
    To simplify the registration procedure, you can register on the site using social networking accounts. To do this, click on the icon of any social network from the registration form or in the left block on any page.
    In the future, it will be enough for you to repeatedly press the buttons of social networks to enter the site without entering a password.
    What is registration necessary for?

    Registration on the site extends the capabilities of the site user.
    We list some of them.
    1. Аccess to user’s personal page
    2. The ability to leave comments
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    6. Download free sounds
    7. Buy premium music and enjoy premium services.

    What is a rating for?

    The rating on the site shows your usefulness to the community and what role you play in the community.

    Why give a rating?

    for the proposed news from -1 to +1 from everyone who rated your publication
    per comment when you create it +1
    also if the user liked your comment or post on the forum +1 rating for each person who rated

    My account is blocked.How to be?

    If you encounter a message like the following
    ERROR: Authorization failed because your IP address is blocked. Please contact the administrator.
    This can happen if the password is entered incorrectly many times.
    In this case, contact the administrator through the contact form of the site.

    What if I can’t remember my password?

    Go to the page here
    Enter your login or email, click send.
    An email should come to your email with a link allowing you to generate a new password, then follow the instructions.

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