BUBEN got #9 in HARDCORE / HARD TECHNO TOP 100 RELEASES on Beatportwith his EP Out of Eyeshot released on the German label PhysicalTechno, #16 to BeatportTop 100 Releases in HARDCORE / HARD TECHNOsection with his EP INDUSTRIAL BASE released on the Italian label RAWReligion.,#24 THE MOON AND EARTH E.P released on the Italian labelSociety Music,#28 with his EP INNATE released on the Slovenian labelNewra Records and #73 with his EP Wilderness by Oxytech Records.Buben’s Deep House track “Day Before” got #71 in Deep House Top 100/Traxsource charts.Sample pack Dark Techno Soundscapes by Buben released by the Hungarianlabel Puzzle Music Underground has been held 8th position in the TopTen Beatport Sounds in Hard Dance section.VLADISLAV BUBEN is the founder of a number of genres in experimentaland electronic music in Belarus and the cultic musician who influencedseveral generations on the Belarusian electronic stage. Vladislavcreated several radio projects and a TV show for Belarusian MTV aboutalternative electronic music (“Did you call for electricians?”,2007-2008). Now he is concerts and events producer.Buben creates musical projects in different styles (experimental,freeimprovisation,noise,electronic,techno, house, break beat, break core,ambient, industrial). Vladislav recorded collaborative projects with anumber of alternative artists from Germany, the U.K, Sweden, Norway,Spain, Lithuania etc. Buben’s music has been released on 72 labelsaround the world. Now he has created his own studio – Big BubenStudio – dedicated to release Buben’s pieces.Vladislav performed in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Belgium,Latvia,Poland, Lithuaina, Moldova, Russia, Hungary and Austria.QUOTES:His musical output has been spread across a remarkably wide range ofprojects; the geographic sweep of those efforts is equally impressive,since his discography includes publications all the way from GreatBritain to the US and Canada – with most European nations in between.by David MacFadyen, Professor, University of California, Los AngelesBuben isn’t exactly setting techno land alight, but he distinguisheshimself through the icy sound of the production!This is a serious rush! It has all of the pomp and majesty of a Wagnertune, with an exciting new experience and flare for the eccentric.

  • Reference To Colour
    Deep House
    A94 | Leisure Music Productions | 2019-09-02 | Buy
  • Industrial Techno
    Assuc, X6Cta, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Harakiri Brothers, Blind Dreams, Birk S., IC (DE), Chainblocker, Monolog Tonspiel, Rotarc, Buben, Seamonk, LDX#40, Monumen, Cristian Cerio, SZMT, Dominik Musiolik, New Waffen, Assuc, WAFFENSUPERMARKT
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Minimal / Deep Tech
    TKWY003 | TAKEAWAY | 2019-08-22 | Buy
  • Skull Sounds VA 2
    Pablo Caballero, TANKHAMUN, Pitch!, Mudd.Zed, D-Tech, Nizzy, Corey Biggs, Danner, Sascha Müller, Buben, P.T.B.S., JIMMYZKINZ
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    HSR049 | Hypnotic Skull Recordings | 2019-08-20 | Buy
  • Summer in the Office., Pt. 3
    Buben, Dope Smoke Dope, Red Clash Riot
    House, Hip-Hop / R&B, Techno, Drum & Bass, Electronica / Downtempo, Dance, Progressive House
    BLV6418183 | Big Buben Studio | 2019-08-20 | Buy
  • Fullest Sense
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno
    BLV6417562 | Big Buben Studio | 2019-08-18 | Buy
  • Best of Summer
    Buben, Tawa Girl, Chris Almeira, Cosmonov, Mortel, Mark Grandel, DJ Johnnx, DeepVoicee, Lewis Shephard, Doeme, Drugs Of Technology, Francesco Nocerino, Giorgio Di Verbero, Klangfabrik, Terra4beat, Sopik, Palms Croatti, Luka Daniello, Mastrantonio, Lewis Shephard, Christian Schachinger, Cosmonov
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Tech House
    EMS044 | Exclusive Music Selection | 2019-08-17 | Buy
  • A Glass of Summer, Pt. 3
    Buben, Dope Smoke Dope, Nasta Labada, Red Clash Riot
    House, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno, Drum & Bass, Tech House
    BLV6409431 | Big Buben Studio | 2019-08-17 | Buy
  • Chill & Soft, Vol. 9
    Mr. Qwertz, Clelia Felix, Two Jazz Project, Linha Boys, Dutch Robinson, Faty, DJ Kosmas K, Balkan Avenue, Frank Seven, Nelson Reis, Jakob Hermann, Buben, Eric Hossan, Bruno Leydet, Jovan, T-Groove, Clelia Felix, T-Groove
    Electro House, Electronica / Downtempo, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, House, Tech House, Funk / Soul / Disco
    LADAL19038 | LAD Publishing & Records | 2019-08-16 | Buy
  • People Crossing The Border EP
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    BD254 | Black Drop | 2019-08-16 | Buy
  • Underground Imprint Vol.V
    Lunatique Sublime, Duck Sandoval, Buben, Underground Tacticz, Scanner Darkly, Roby M Rage
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno
    SMRU258 | SMR Underground | 2019-08-12 | Buy
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