07 March 2019

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Moog – Prodigy

moog prodigy 1 Right Music Records

The Moog Prodigy was a monophonic analogue synthesizer produced by Moog Music from 1979 to 1984. Of the 11,000 produced, versions released after 1981 included a […]

16 May 2018

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Ace Tone Rhythm Ace

Full Front Rhythm Ace FR 1 Right Music Records

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace Electronic Industries Inc., or Ace Tone was a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, including electronic organs, […]

23 November 2018

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Korg ms 20

krog ms 20 Right Music Records

Korg ms 20 monophonic synthesizer, first introduced in 1978, is still a coveted instrument to this day, thanks to its […]

22 January 2019

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Elektron AR MK2

ar mkii featured Right Music Records

Analog Rytm MKII is an analog/digital beat making dream machine. Everything – from the state of the art aluminium enclosure, […]

06 February 2019

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Roland Juno 106

roland juno106 fb Right Music Records

The Roland Juno-106 is relatively simple in terms of its synthesis architecture. Nevertheless, the Juno-106 is still quite popular among […]

11 September 2018

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Casio SK1

casio sk 1 top Right Music Records

Well, people call it the poor man’s sampler. It is the cheapest sampler in the world. Followed by the SK-5, […]

29 July 2018

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Boss DR-220a

boss dr 220a header Right Music Records

Each DR-220 has 11 pulse-code modulation (PCM) synthesizer “voices” available, plus an Accent; each voice is directly available for realtime play using […]

18 June 2018

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Alesis HR16B

alesis hr16b Right Music Records

The Alesis HR16B  model had lots of new sounds cool for enough techno and electronic music. And it still costs […]

27 May 2018

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Akai XE8

xe8 Right Music Records

The Akai XE8 is a rack mount Programmable Sample SOund Module/MIDI Drum Expander. For Drum Sequencers, Synthesizers, MIDI Sequencers and […]

11 September 2018

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Sound Master

sound master Right Music Records

A contemporary of the BOSS DR-55 Dr. Rhythm from Roland, the SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88 is a programmable drum machine with four […]

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