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Skaki’s a.k.a. Skaki is a underground dj & producer based in small town in Bulgaria. He meet electronic music in late of the 90’s, and make his first experiments with music in year of 2000th with couple of friends. In next few years he paused, and backed to music in late 2009th. In 2012th to 2015th he play and compilate music for former club Alibi in his home town.  His first EP was released in 2017. His own style is inspired from Old Skool House and Techno.

Beatport releases discography:

  • Black 107
    CirQit, Tek.Ka, DJ Deep Noise, Skaki's, Anarko Techno, Emeu, Maschino Violento, Utero Humedo, Tito K., People In Darkness, Yu-Yu, MaTTrA
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    BRR107 | Black Reverb | 2020-03-29 | Buy
  • Set Annihilator, Vol. 11
    Paranoid Sales, Assuc, Tek.Ka, Buben, DJ Deep Noise, Anarko Techno, CirQit, Emeu, Franc.Marti, Maschino Violento, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, MaTTrA, Embryonated, Seemone, X6Cta, Black Ahead, Diabolic Shop, Jess Bottom, Yu-Yu, People In Darkness, X6Cta, Skaki's, Promiscle, Tito K., Franc.Marti
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    TNZ261 | Technz Records | 2020-03-27 | Buy
  • No Beat, No Music
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Breaks
    TNZ258 | Technz Records | 2020-03-08 | Buy
  • Not for Kids
    Miro Dark, deSchmid, Frank Blaze, Rymen, Pascal Horyza, BioxProduction, Trim Vox, Elazar, Skaki's, Basscontroll, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Dj Joys, A.V.O., Doeme, Cyd Dokiro
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    RMR203 | Right Music Records | 2020-02-21 | Buy
  • Acidic
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    RMR201 | Right Music Records | 2020-02-07 | Buy
  • Acid Reflux
    DJ Deep Noise, Mr. Frek, Skaki's, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Tito K., Assuc, Duck Sandoval, Ugo Anzoino, Lucia Dapera, Franc.Marti
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    CYB048 | Cyberna | 2020-01-26 | Buy
  • Double Emotion
    DJ Deep Noise, Qbit, Skaki's, Assuc, Menon, MaTTrA, Franc.Marti, Tito K., WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Ka-In Phaze
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
    TNZ244 | Technz Records | 2019-11-06 | Buy
  • Background Radiation
    Assuc, Franc.Marti, CarbBeat, Promiscle, The Dark Matter, Nema, Sandro aka Groove Code, Tito K., Skaki's, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Heyspace
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Minimal / Deep Tech
    RMR173 | Right Music Records | 2019-06-24 | Buy
  • Act Differently
    Jame Zname, Dominik Haak, deSchmid, Assuc, Freak Leggix, Patricio Pereira, Skaki's, Aspectx
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Melodic House & Techno
    RMR174 | Right Music Records | 2019-06-23 | Buy
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