Hans Morlier



I started Djing in 1992 and was highly influenced by the sound of German techno in the early 90’s through labels like EYE Q, Logic, Harthouse, Superstition, Noom and Frankfurt Beat. I started producing tracks in 2008 and have released my sounds on various labels around the world. Techno runs through my blood and there is nothing more to say than that!

  • Blue Sky / Grey Sky
    Hans Morlier
    Melodic House & Techno
    NEOTECK215 | Neoteck Music | 2019-07-23 | Buy
  • The Train To The Avalanche
    Hans Morlier
    282110 | Incedo Recordings | 2019-04-20 | Buy
  • Our Voice (Selected by Arthur M)
    Jekkie, Arthur M, Daydreamers (GR), A-Mase, Natune, Ian Tosel, Deepscale, Serge:Ok, Ersin Ersavas, Hans Morlier, Alberto Sainz, Wayik, Ferjo De Gery, Sharapov, Elliaz, Alex Grafton, Christos Fourkis
    Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Electronica / Downtempo, Melodic House & Techno
    TTR015 | Try That Records | 2019-04-12 | Buy
  • The Moth That Caused An Avalanche EP
    Hans Morlier
    Melodic House & Techno
    EM114 | Electrified Mindz | 2019-03-26 | Buy
  • Tech It Out, Vol.2 (Miami Edition)
    Joe Cozzo, Madam Marvelous, Young Bad Twinz, DiCristino, Blaise Grippa, Hans Morlier, Anthony Nero, Calcast, Teknotik, Mixdup, Deljoi, DJ Johnny Scott, Ean Nice, Bvssvine, Kiril Melkonov, Glitch Matrix, N-amouR, Esquadra, Just10, Kiril Melkonov
    Techno, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    LDCV07 | Electrified Mindz | 2019-03-22 | Buy
  • Best Of 2018
    Joe Cozzo, Hans Morlier, Young Bad Twinz, Ean Nice, Jenny Jet, DiCristino, Mixdup, 2Stroke, Calcast
    Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
    LDCV06 | Electrified Mindz | 2018-12-28 | Buy
  • Clubschloss
    Hans Morlier
    Melodic House & Techno
    TTR008 | Try That Records | 2018-11-16 | Buy
  • Feel The Nut EP
    Hans Morlier
    Melodic House & Techno
    EM103 | Electrified Mindz | 2018-11-13 | Buy
  • JOOF Anthology - Volume 2
    Alive Stone, Oliver Prime, Hans Morlier, Steve Birch, Whirloop, John 00 Fleming , Wizzy Noise, Prosper, Vibrashere, Magnus, Jay Selway
    J00F048 | JOOF Recordings | 2008-12-23 | Buy
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