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Super rare Cheetah MD-16 Drum Machine. It has a non-original power supply, but a tech wired this one up to work with the unit and it seems to operate as it should. I don’t really know much about this unit and I am not into the tech scene, but it is a pretty rare machine that was made in the UK in the 1980’s or 90’s. I got this from a music store that went out of business when the owner retired. It was used as a demo unit, but didn’t see much use because they didn’t specialize in electronic gear, and had very few customers looking for this type of instrument. It got shelved in the stock room and sat there until the business closed. Somewhere along the way the original box and power supply got misplaced and were probably tossed out in the trash by accident. The unit powers up and the pads trigger the sounds, so it does work. Other than that, I can’t tell you much about it. Some scuffs and scratches are visible on the case, but it looks pretty good for it’s age. Comes with a copy of the owners manual so you can learn how to program it.

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The Cheetah MD16 drum machine was manufactured by UK based company Cheetah. The unit offers a built in sequencer with MIDI and Sync connections. The instrument offers a generous rom of 41 samples and onboard settings of pitch, reverse, midi delay, descending pitch echo, shuffle.


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