20 December 2019

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Moog Mother 32

moog-mother - rightmusicrecords

The Mother-32 is a distinctive analog instrument that brings raw sound, step-sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular […]

05 November 2019

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Roland TB-303 Bass Line

roland tb 303 bass line samples by musho Right Music Records

The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a bass synthesizer released by Roland Corporation in 1981. Designed to simulate bass guitars, it was a commercial failure and […]

24 October 2019

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Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II (MSII)

dirty electronics mute synth ii msii Right Music Records

The Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II (MSII) is a hand-held synth and sequencer. At the core of the instrument is […]

26 April 2019

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ARP Odyssey Module Rev 1

arp odyssey Right Music Records

The ARP Odyssey is an analog synthesizer introduced in 1972. Responding to pressure from Moog Music to create a portable, affordable (the Minimoog was US$1,495 upon release) “performance” synthesizer, ARP […]

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