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As you remember in the summer Terra4beat – (Den Golivets) from Ukraine, the director of Oxytech label ! came to visit us on Yerevan.The party place was chosen specially for this day for the rave! The warming of our guest was played by the best Armenian DJs. Here is a live podcast of our Artist Terra4beat.

01.Coyu, Weska, Kevin de Vries – Sun And Sand (original mix)
02.Max Delta – The Day Before (Martin Lacroix Remix)
03.Balthazar & JackRock – Real Lies (Original Mix)
04.Giorgio Rusconi, Deborah De Luca – Compass (The YellowHeads Remix)
05.Dennis Rema – Aqua (Original Mix)
06.Spartaque, The Reactivitz – Techno Home (Original Mix)
07.Terra4Beat – Ghetto (Klanglos Remix)
08.Massiva – Spot (Spektre Remix)
09.Inphasia & Nodin – Toscane (Original Mix)
10.Dante Pippi – The Source (Original Mix)
11.Atroxx – Trust Me (Original Mix)
12.Claudia Cazacu – JFK (Original Mix)
13.D-Unity – Sounds Good (Original Mix)
14.Luix Spectrum, Matt Mus – Shapeshifter (Original mix)
15.Muska, Nicolas Taboada – Shattered Mirror (Original Mix)
16.Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano remix)

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