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IL Gualdo is a TECHNO producer and DJ.He was born in buenos aires in 1989. He started his career in electronic music since 2012, but from 2014 he began to enter the world of production.After participating in AES events he began his studies in classical music and composition with the concertist Ezequiel Castro. His music contains many melodies, percussive movements and avant-garde sounds. Currently participates in cycles that are called Darkness and Blastckick.

  • Eyes Compilation 3
    Tawa Girl, Flatch, Yavhe Garcia, Oscar Cue-Bass, Paulo AV, Akiko Iwahara, John Artex, Mad Albert, Masteroid Structure, Discoatl, IL Gualdo
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    KRC006 | Krank Records | 2019-08-12
    Sopik, BL.CK, Austin Price, IL Gualdo
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    BD253 | Black Drop | 2019-08-09
  • Uvu Muvu
    IL Gualdo
    TR056 | Tempora Records | 2019-04-15
  • Maxi Tech VOLUME 19
    Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen, Mirko Worz, IL Gualdo, Jack Liberto, Simon Lunardi, 21 ROOM, Manton, Tookroom, Emanuele Bruno, Jeremy Cooke, Martin Downhill, Sokol, Big Bunny, Techno Mama, Flagman Djs, Grimmaldika, Dura, Oziriz, Crystal Shakers, John Bolton, M.A.L.D.I.N., Dura, Oziriz, Vito Raisi, Format Groove, Sergii Petrenko, Simon Lunardi
    Tech House
    UTER019 | Uber Tech Recordings | 2019-03-22
  • Best of Winter 2019-18
    Sopik, Austin Price, Sancris, IL Gualdo, Buben, Mighty Mind, Gaioski
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno
    BD225 | Black Drop | 2019-03-07
  • Tech-Haus Revolte 19
    Simone Cerquiglini, Marco Caetano, Daniel Hecke, Honey Bunny, Jhonny Fernando, Rousing House, Zviangy, 21 ROOM, Youandewan, IL Gualdo, Manton, Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen, ACAY, Mirko Worz, Joph Wa, Simon Lunardi, Techno Mama, Big Bunny, Emilove, Emiliano Naples, Valerio Kapuano, Vinna, New Classic, Flagman Djs, M.A.L.D.I.N., Rafven3, Axtrain, Oziriz, 21 ROOM, Dura, Vito Raisi, Sergii Petrenko
    Tech House
    METR045 | Meiner Techno Records | 2019-01-29
  • Neon Musik 29
    Franx, Vito Raisi, Techno Red, Techno Mama, Marco Ridulfo, Simone Cerquiglini, IL Gualdo, Oziriz, Tiago Rosa, GUI2IN, Emanuele Bruno, Against The Time, 21 ROOM, LNO, Double Reaktion, Denny Kay, DMITRY HERTZ, KoZY, Stephan Crown, 2Now, Vito Raisi, Honey Bunny, Victor Enzo, Andrea Mirgone, Volodia Rizak, Oziriz, Orba Olafssohn
    TSR048 | Techno Szene Records | 2019-01-18
  • DJS Transformers 8
    Techno Red, Franx, Vito Raisi, Big Bunny, Simon Brown, Audio Bigot, Simone Cerquiglini, Israel Toledo, Lathan, IL Gualdo, Oziriz, Nick Wayzer, Techno Mama, LNO, DMITRY HERTZ, Massive Dynamic (HU), Baris Kumru, 21 ROOM, KoZY, Stephan Crown, Marco Cipria, Medical Man, Drewtech, Vito Raisi, Techno Red, Arlles Stic, Honey Bunny, Andrea Mirgone, Volodia Rizak, Oziriz, Orba Olafssohn, Michele Rossini
    TCTN22 | TechnoTransformers | 2019-01-15
  • Super Techno Fruhstuck 23
    Sopik, Sasha Romaniuk, Techno Red, Franx, Vito Raisi, Big Bunny, Simon Brown, Audio Bigot, Simone Cerquiglini, Israel Toledo, Lathan, Oziriz, IL Gualdo, Nick Wayzer, Against The Time, Techno Mama, Drewtech, LNO, Massive Dynamic (HU), Baris Kumru, Double Reaktion, KoZY, Stephan Crown, 2Now, Marco Cipria, ABYSSVM, Vito Raisi, Techno Red, Arlles Stic, Honey Bunny, Andrea Mirgone, Victor Enzo, Volodia Rizak, Oziriz, Orba Olafssohn, Michele Rossini
    TTSTF043 | Ten Tec Stuck Foundation | 2019-01-11
  • Techno Trip Vol.XVII
    Argy K, Volodia Rizak, KoZY, Pulse Plant, Audio Bigot, Angelo Di Franco, DIB, IL Gualdo, Tasso, Resonances (IT), Martino Pingi, Nicole Navoni, Humo, DJ MendezisMZ, Dan Morris, Max Foley, Faceless Man, Christian Lema, Technolog, RSTYKAT, Luca Pedrazzoli, Jack Carel (The Architect), Nacim Ladj, Louie J, Pepote, Groefer, De Feo, SmaD, Giampi Spinelli, Essio, Assuc, Dmeg, Orba Olafssohn, Arlles Stic, Kryss Hypnowave, Space En Matter
    SMRU098 | SMR Underground | 2019-01-07
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