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RMR285 scaled Right Music Records

El Lado Misterioso

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316 scaled Right Music Records

Look Up the Shine

Ndulge in the sonic world of “Look Up the Shine” Whether you’re a dedicated Techno enthusiast or a curious listener, this tracks invites you to explore Musho creative narrative.Read More
314 scaled Right Music Records

Mentiras De Guerra

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RMR257 scaled Right Music Records

El Club De Los Buenos

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RMR266 scaled Right Music Records


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RMR283 scaled Right Music Records

All Roads Lead to the Same Destination

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RMR292 scaled Right Music Records

It Deep Ends

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RMR265 scaled Right Music Records


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yamaha dx200 drumkit Right Music Records
audio, digital instrument

YAMAHA DX200 Drumkit

The hot new DX200 is a programmable desktop sequencer with a return to Yamaha’s legendary sound of FM synthesis. Based
roland juno106 fb Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Roland Juno 106

The Roland Juno-106 is relatively simple in terms of its synthesis architecture. Nevertheless, the Juno-106 is still quite popular among
mmmoogd Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

MinimooG Model D

In the 1960s, RA Moog Co manufactured Moog modular synthesizers, which helped bring electronic sounds to music but remained inaccessible
Fricke MFB512 Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Fricke MFB512

Fricke started in 1976 and brought out a low cost drum machine kit. This was followed by more drum machines,
modularfeat Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Modular synthesizer mini sample bank

Eurorack is a modular synthesizer format originally specified in 1996 by Doepfer Musikelektronik.It has since grown in popularity, and as of 2018 has become
ssf korg delta featpic Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Korg Delta

Korg’s Delta is an analog semi-poly synth/string machine, basically a slimmed down version of the Korg Trident. Though limited in the
korg poly 800 Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Korg Poly-800

The Korg Poly-800 is a synthesizer released by Korg in 1983. Its initial list price of $795 made it the first fully programmable synthesizer that sold
Img16961 Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Solton Project 100

The Solton Project 100 use could not be easier and programming is done in the same spirit as the Korg
monomachine Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Elektron monomachine

The Elektron Monomachine combines several types of synthesizers with an intuitive beat-box-style programming interface. Think of it as five synthesizers
roland sh 09 Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Roland SH-09

Roland SH-09 a very stripped down monosynth from Roland’s classic SH-series. Its single oscillator only has PWM, ramp, square and noise
Cheetah MD16 Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Cheetah MD16

Super rare Cheetah MD-16 Drum Machine. It has a non-original power supply, but a tech wired this one up to
arp solina Right Music Records
audio, analog instrument

Arp Solina

The Arp Solina String Ensemble, also marketed as the ARP String Ensemble, is a fully polyphonic multi-orchestral synthesizer with a 49-key keyboard, produced by Eminent


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