Assuc is a Spanish producer focused on Dark and Psychotropic sounds.

—–T E C H N O X P E R I M E N T—-

  • Black 079
    Franc.Marti, MaTTrA, Assuc, Kochian, Diabolic Shop, X6Cta, Black Ahead, Promiscle, Bermind
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    BRR079 | Black Reverb | 2019-08-30
  • Industrial Techno
    Assuc, X6Cta, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Harakiri Brothers, Blind Dreams, Birk S., IC (DE), Chainblocker, Monolog Tonspiel, Rotarc, Buben, Seamonk, LDX#40, Monumen, Cristian Cerio, SZMT, Dominik Musiolik, New Waffen, Assuc, WAFFENSUPERMARKT
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Minimal / Deep Tech
    TKWY003 | TAKEAWAY | 2019-08-22
  • Techno Excession, Pt. 1
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    TNZ230 | Technz Records | 2019-08-19
  • Black 077
    Kochian, Michael Hunter, Franc.Marti, Assuc, Chainblocker, Nezvil, Jess Bottom, Monumen, Sir Cambras
    Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    BRR077 | Black Reverb | 2019-08-18
  • Techno Excession (part 2)
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    TNZ231 | Technz Records | 2019-08-18
  • Ewoks
    Embryonated, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Franc.Marti, Tito K., Blank & Blanker, Assuc, MaTTrA, Paranoika
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    TNZ233 | Technz Records | 2019-08-17
  • Squared
    WAFFENSUPERMARKT, LDX#40, M_Evans, Assuc, METRONOM, Monolog Tonspiel
    Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electronica / Downtempo
    CNLD020 | CANCELLED | 2019-08-15
  • Black 075
    Franc.Marti, MaTTrA, X6Cta, La Calva, Diabolic Shop, Assuc, Black Ahead, Assuc, X6Cta
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    BRR075 | Black Reverb | 2019-08-08
  • Black 074
    Franc.Marti, Assuc, Michael Hunter, pasajero 747, X6Cta, La Calva, Diabolic Shop, Black Ahead, Bermind, X6Cta, CarbBeat
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno
    BRR074 | Black Reverb | 2019-08-03
  • Summer 2019
    O.D.W.L., Assuc, Franc.Marti, La Calva, X6Cta, M5.5, Michael Hunter, Black Ahead, Monumen, Assuc
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    CYB040 | Cyberna | 2019-08-01
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