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Alessandro Peri was born in Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 1995. From an early age he became passionate about music and when he was 15 he bought his first console. From 2012 he starts playing at the clubs of the province as the “Tunnel”, “Dinamo Club” (where his “WTF?” Party is founded) and the “Fonderia Italghisa”. In September 2012 he attended a production course in Milan and began a Techno and Electronic experiment. He is called guest for the “Neon 2.0” crew, performing at the “Quantic Club” and “Blanco Bar” (MI). In December 2017 he publishes his first ep with the label “Black Drop” (UA) and shortly thereafter (02.18) with the “Zinger Records” of Saint Petersburg. label supported by: Marco Carola, Giuseppe Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler, Franco Bianco, Kiss Fm, DI.FM, Proton radio, etc. In the studio, the production techniques are finely tuned and a distinguishable Techno sound is sought. His sets are characterized by an overwhelming groove, always accompanied by a strong bassline.

Beatport releases discography:

  • Techno House
    2WB, Aldo Gargiulo, Aday Hernández, 8Floy, Abra, Adellacosta, Ajphouse, Armando Rosario, BiaGo Sordini, Alec T. Adams, Alessandro Peri, Alex (IT), Bangala, Browsky, Alexander #2.0, Adi & Friends, Alexis, B2K (RF), Jay Riot, Aliens Bad Brothers, Allmoe, Bill Tox, Mattia Rossi, Daniele Sereni, Andrea Ghirotti, Angel Black, Archetype (MX), Badi, Beat Monkey, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri, Diego Barrera, Ibarria, Daddy Russell, Claudio Polizzotto, Jens Schattauer
    Techno, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo, Progressive House, DJ Tools, Deep House, Trap / Future Bass, Minimal / Deep Tech
    LDV094 | LDN Trax | 2019-09-29 | Buy
  • Techno & House
    Andrea Ghirotti, Abra, Allmoe, BiaGo Sordini, B2K (RF), Aday Hernández, 8Floy, Alessandro Peri, Adi, Friends, Adellacosta, 2WB, Alexander #2.0, Adi & Friends, Ado.LFO, Armando Rosario, Bangala, Angel Black, Alex Punch, Ajphouse, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri, Alex Lyser, Aliens Bad Brothers, ANDREY DETOCHKIN, Antonio Martinelli, Austrek, Flame On Fire, Daddy Russell, Domshe, Timofey, Optician, Spiritum Caritatis, The Lost Faces, Anson x Chellew, Haveck, Carles DJ
    Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Melodic House & Techno, DJ Tools
    RBL208 | Rebellious | 2019-09-29 | Buy
  • Ibiza 2019
    Daddy Russell, Aday Hernández, 2WB, Andrea Matteu, Abra, Adi, Friends, DJ Valio, Danny F, BiaGo Sordini, Adellacosta, Carlo Vonacci, Claudio Polizzotto, Alessandro Peri, Delacombe, Alex Punch, Andrea Ghirotti, Anonymo, D-Huter, Armando Rosario, Dinky F, Chris Colt, Cordova F, Darkmode, Decorum (IRL), Filterheadz, Domshe, Andrea Giungo, Kilany M, Haveck, Dani Barrera, Ilir Xh, Aday Hernández, Robert DB
    Hardcore / Hard Techno, Tech House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno, House, DJ Tools
    RBL207 | Rebellious | 2019-09-22 | Buy
  • Modulation Reflection
    Alessandro Peri
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    RATLLE068 | Rattle Records | 2019-08-23 | Buy
  • Ibiza 19
    Francesco Mon, Renaud Genton, Maincap & Coldshiver, MISIGII, Aday Hernández, Abra, Tippstrip, Sector-O, Kavas, Distant Groove, Mizt3r, Alessandro Peri, Federico Vivas, Teacoma, Andrea Ghirotti, Carlo Vonacci, D-Huter, Minio, ClipsAndPatterns, Wesertypen, Andrea Giungo, Gruw Frequency, Mizt3r, Bill Tox
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo
    BMVA80 | Bach Music | 2019-08-11 | Buy
  • Ibiza
    Andrea Ghirotti, Claudio Polizzotto, Aday Hernández, D-Huter, 2WB, BiaGo Sordini, Abra, Be Brothers, 8Floy, Ado.LFO, Aliens Bad Brothers, Allmoe, ANDREY DETOCHKIN, Even Midnight, Domshe, Decorum (IRL), 21 Souls, Alessandro Peri, ElitrickKids, Darkmode, Circle Beat, Carlo Vonacci, JPT, Delphunk, Deejay Terry, Angel Black, Bill Tox, Majo, Dark Ng, Blues Milo, Chris Colt, Dmitry Budnik, Delacombe, DJ Firpo, Le Cantin, Domshe, Raum & Zeit, ClipsAndPatterns, Luis Alberto
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Deep House, House, Progressive House, Electro House, DJ Tools
    RBL201 | Rebellious | 2019-08-04 | Buy
  • Late Summer Rhythms EP
    Alessandro Peri
    CYL2019008 | Cylinder | 2019-07-22 | Buy
  • Techno Culture, Vol. 3
    Domshe, Adellacosta, DatA, BiaGo Sordini, Aka R, Carlo Vonacci, Deejay Terry, D-Huter, Delphunk, Alessandro Peri, Dani Barrera, DIMTA, Majo, Distant Groove, Darkboy, Danino, Bioprogram, Aday Hernández, Angel Black, Angello Izan, Badi, Beat Monkey, Burn666, Diego Villa, DJ Firpo, Diego Walle, Optician, Serhat Bilge, Old & Kid, BiaGo Sordini, Mentaly Mark, Trevor Kayne
    Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Electro House, House, DJ Tools
    LDV086 | LDN Trax | 2019-07-14 | Buy
  • Bach Series
    Andrea Ghirotti, Kalkara, Serhat Bilge, Distant Groove, Kilany M, Maincap, Coldshiver, Le Cantin, MISIGII, Teacoma, D-Huter, Sector-O, Alessandro Peri, Carlo Vonacci, Mizt3r, Abra, Velvox, Lorhen, Javitoh, Darkmode, Le Cantin, Mizt3r, Domshe, Jens Schattauer, Gruw Frequency
    Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
    BMVA79 | Bach Music | 2019-06-09 | Buy
  • East Gate EP
    Alessandro Peri
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno
    BML256 | Bach Music | 2019-05-20 | Buy
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