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She enjoys playing this kind of music. A team player who is also able to work independently, quick learner and reliable. Engaged her skills by courses and practice. She is known for her gigs in Skopje in bars and clubs like Kapan An, Galerija Badaboom, Berlin Café, Kingston, Y, Garage Reuinong Club (Serbia)… She signed her first contract for “Old School Music” Record Label based in Skopje, but founded in London UK. Her first EP “TO BE” came out on 24.02.2018. Its all about Techno & House Music. On 04.06.2018 she signed a contract with Right Music Records. The EP for these records is coming out soon.

  • Eztia
    Jame Zname
    RMR157 | Right Music Records | 2019-04-23 | Buy
  • Headlong
    Deep Secrets, Doeme, Jame Zname
    RMR150 | Right Music Records | 2019-04-08 | Buy
  • The Best Tracks on Right Music Records in 2018 Year.
    Musho, Bryan Scott, Juan Campos, Doeme, Sander Klepper, VAEN, Harakiri Brothers, Fernando Garrido, Miro Dark, Anthony Brahv, Bosphore, Deep Secrets, Vilas Monnappa, Yon DJ, Gallagher, Pavle Davchev, Volkan Berg, A.V.O., Rohar, Tøtal, Peter Wok, Greg Strubutas, Shore, Terra4beat, Dominik Haak, Psychmachine, Two Of Us, N3gr0, Frankie Bromley, R/D/V, Jame Zname, 7ofclubs, MHS, Just Doc, Block A, Mai Takemura, Greg Venny, IL Gualdo, Assuc, LOUIZ, Domingo Caballero, Freak Leggix, Alessandro Peri, Miditec, MarmorMetall, Pavle Davchev, SAAQ, Constantine Law, Juhan Kleingold, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Greg Venny, Anthony Brahv, Hasith, ModulΛr, Musho, Deep Secrets, Chelakhov, Jonathan De Maio, Juan Campos, Jame Zname
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Drum & Bass
    BT2018 | Right Music Records | 2018-12-17 | Buy
  • Electronic People, Vol. 4
    Just Doc, Psychmachine, Musho, Sander Klepper, Jame Zname, A.V.O., Freak Leggix, Fernando Garrido, Basscontroll, Miro Dark
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    RMR127 | Right Music Records | 2018-12-03 | Buy
  • Goodbye Space I'm Going Home
    Musho, Juan Campos, Jame Zname, Jonathan De Maio
    Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    RMR118 | Right Music Records | 2018-10-31 | Buy
  • Sehrli
    Jame Zname
    RMR108 | Right Music Records | 2018-09-26 | Buy
  • Inside Me
    Jame Zname
    RMR097 | Right Music Records | 2018-08-06 | Buy
  • To Be
    Jame Zname
    10132185 | Old School Music | 2018-02-24 | Buy
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