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Miditec was born in the 80s and early got in touch with electronic influenced music from Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. He liked this sound but over the Years he forgot his passion for this style and tried all kind of different music styles from oldschool Rap to Dark Metal. It was not until 1997s that he found his love for electronic music again, when DJs like Westbam, Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke played at Love Parade or Mayday. After years of celebrating the vibe he decided to create techno sound by his own and bought his first equipment… And so the story began. First he was making Minimal and Tech House tracks, which were his first productions and soon he signed his first release on Criminal R3cords.  After a short period of time the minimal sound got too boring for him and he was lured to the darker side of techno and got flashed by this sound.  Names like The Space Djz, Niereich, Sutter Cane, Dj Hi-Shock, Bjarki or Cortechs are his idols.  With learning by doing and his love for the music he got new skills and pushed out some tracks which were recognized by labels like Elektrax,  Beast Factory, Brachial Kontakt etc. This was the reason to push hiself forward to make his sound more heavy and powerful.  His style is from driving to darkish Techno with sometimes a little minimal touch. The arrangements are always well setted  and he understands to make a unique sound playing with atmos and those little thingsis that make Techno what it stands for.
We can be curious what is still to come from this talented producer…

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