Rymen grew up on the edge of Berlin. In his youth he was influenced by the Techno scene there.  He was immediately captivated by the energy and driving force of techno. At the beginning of 18 he decided to mix his own music.  After a few gigs he started to produce on his own to consolidate his own style.  At the beginning of 2020, after 2 years of learning the art of producing, he released his first track on a label.

Beatport releases discography:

  • 7722 Miles
    Vanina Buniak, Flatch, Acidic Beats, Pascal Horyza, Rymen, Shades of Black.
    Hard Techno
    OTR1114 | Oxytech Records | 2021-01-11 | Buy
  • The Best Tracks on Right Music Records in 2020 Year.
    Musho, Domingo Caballero, Marco Kallas, Edex, Skaki's, Gen Thalz, Just Doc, Sander Klepper, Assuc, Pascal Horyza, Hans Morlier, Dj Joys, Ismael Rivas, 7ofclubs, VAEN, Skaki's, Fernando Garrido, Singz Panachè, France, A.V.O., BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), Miro Dark, Rymen, Frank Blaze, Lionel Zero, BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), Hum4nDro1d, Anthony Brahv, UNDR, Mazatl, Doeme, Luiz Kowalsky, Walkott, Mai Takemura, sanmar, Hiroki Esashika, A.R.S, Elazar
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    BT2020 | Right Music Records | 2020-12-21 | Buy
  • About U
    Domingo Caballero, Marco Kallas, Miro Dark, Pascal Horyza, Rymen, BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), Dj Joys
    Hard Techno
    RMR238 | Right Music Records | 2020-10-16 | Buy
  • Ophir
    Gen Thalz, BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), Musho, Pascal Horyza, Skaki's, Rymen, Tenoriio, Jame Zname, Dj Joys
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    RMR230 | Right Music Records | 2020-08-24 | Buy
  • Not for Kids
    Miro Dark, deSchmid, Frank Blaze, Rymen, Pascal Horyza, BioxProduction, Trim Vox, Elazar, Skaki's, Basscontroll, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Dj Joys, A.V.O., Doeme, Cyd Dokiro
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    RMR203 | Right Music Records | 2020-02-21 | Buy
  • Lobotomy
    Lash (HU), Phönixtech, Alex Del Castillo E., Andrey Lusken, BRT (HU), Miro Dark, Nexo, Nizzy, Null, Rymen
    Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Hard Techno
    OTR1015 | Oxytech Records | 2020-01-30 | Buy
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