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An ambiguous, yet eargasmic mixture of deep, tech and techno, tingles your receptors when you listen to Shosho behind the decks. Having been producing and DJing for more than 7 years, Shosho has gathered a serious fan base on the Balkans. With releases for the all known labels Toolroom Records, Hotfingers, Crystal Sound, and the brisking up Patent Skillz Records, he’s really made his mark on the scene. He’s made his first entry into Betport’s Top 100 with the release of the track “Sweet Home” last year and for all those thinking this was a one-off, we can say it was only the beginning. He takes another step forward with every next sound. Keeping a fine balance of invigorating sounds, his work will attract everyone with a fine taste in electronic music. Having the support of both the public and some heavily established new-generation DJs and producers, he keeps working on some fist-pumping tracks. Best known for his catchy vocals and euphoric bass sounds, you can always be sure he will leave you wanting more.

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