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The Dark Matter is Upfront, Individual Techno aka The Music of Damion O’Brien based in Manchester UK. O’Brien started writing music as a child on guitar. He began recording synthesizers to tape and 4 track and at that point was recording to a hardware sequencer. He began to delve into software trackers with the Amiga and Atari ST which then lead to an early version of Steinberg Cubase and Sonic Foundry (now Sony) Acid Pro. The first online albums were released under the name d-a-m on back in 2000. The styles were all merged under one name so he decided to form aliases for specific styles and different audiences. Afferent- Drum & Bass & Jungle, Cassini Division- Vocal/Lo-Fi House, Nu Disco, Designer Thumbs- Downbeat electronica, trip hop & soundtrack, The Dark Matter- Techno & Tech Broken EP [2019 Trippy Code] School Drugs EP [2018-Antarctic Records], Scavengers EP [2018-Antarctic Records], Phantasm EP [2017- Adro Records], Hull Breach EP [2017] Antarctic Records, Rigid EP [016] Antarctic Records, Offset EP [2016] Adro Records, U-Bahn EP [2016] Adro Records, Deckard EP [2015] HDR Limit, Routine Cycle EP [2015] HDR Limit, Hunted EP [2014] HDR Limit,Sons e Sacred Suns EP [2013] Itchycoo Records, Abandoned Base Album [2013] Itchycoo Records, The Dark Matter 2007-2011-Album-Self Release.

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