Tracklist :

1 Deeper into the furnace IMMYZKINZ

2 Going Strong (original Mix) Basscontroll

3 Schwarzfahrer Tony Mafia

4 Just (Original Mix) Wehbba

5 Monster World Basscontroll

6 Fire Flies Basscontroll

7 Gaining acces to a new life Basscontroll

8 The Whistler Basscontroll

9 Basscontroll – Xtacy Influences (Wait for it mix) Basscontroll

10 Stella Luce (Original Mix) Jay Lumen

11 Corey Biggs – Psychohistory (Original Mix) MSTR Corey Biggs

12 She’s Left Me Speechless (Merlin Mix) Mstr Final El Brujo

13 Tony Mafia – Schwarzfahrer (Basscontroll Remix) Basscontroll

14 Terra4Beat & Ireliya – Poison for the mind (Basscontroll Remix) Basscontroll

15 Techno House Feeling Basscontroll

16 Problem Solver Basscontroll

17 Rapid Fire – Beautyful (Basscontroll Remix) Basscontroll

18 PURfect HARmony Basscontroll

19 Space X Road to Mars 2 bettter mixed Basscontroll

20 Floating Point Basscontroll

21 The Rave Shaper Basscontroll

22 Ejeculate Life Basscontroll

23 Walking on Techno (Original Mix) Basscontroll

24 The Energy Doctor (Original Mix) Basscontroll

25 Raw Synthesis (Original Mix) Basscontroll

26 his is Disco Kat (Original Mix) Basscontroll

27 Nearing the End Basscontroll

28 God Fearing Basscontroll

29 Rusty Synths Basscontroll

30 The end of a party Basscontroll

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