Tracklist :
1. Peter Groskreutz – Medusa Force (Original Mix)
2. Schaltzentrale – Boris Brejcha (Joker Remake)
3. Mateo! – Passanger (Original Mix)
4. I Dont Care (Maksim Dark Remix) – Nina Indi
5. Strange This Feeling – Original Mix – Tony Dia
6. Goose (Original Mix) – Ron Costa
7. Matt sassari – Sauron (Original Mix)
8. Matt Sassari – Fluti Kouati (Original Mix)
9. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Fuego (Julian Jeweil Remix)
10. And We (Original Mix) – Julian jewel
11. Busy (Miro Pajics Filthy Remix) – Rosper
12. Be Different (Carlo Ruetz Remix) – Frederic Stunkel
13. Get Back Home (Momo Dobrev Remix) – Stevie Best
14. Kings (Original Mix) – Patrik Berg
15. Leave House (Original Mix) – ANNA
16. Play (Lie2You Remix) – Overheads
17. Slums (Mateo! Remix) – Andrea Giuliani, Luca Rossetti
18. John Haden, Damne – Sub (Original Mix)
19. Dreamizer (Cosmic Boys Remix) – Ricky Ebner
20. Xenia Beliayeva, Qbeck – Like A Dream (Maksim Dark Remix)
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