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End 07.03.2023

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REMIX CONTEST: 100% complete
Musho -  look up the shine
END 07.03.2023
Selected Remixes

Diwox Remix
Mai Takemura Remix
Skaki's Break the Rule Remix
Doeme Remix
Dominik Haak Remix
Miro Dark Remix
Sluk Motoren Remix
Cast Coverts Remix
Edex Remix

Selected Remixes:

1. The best remixes will be released on Right Music Records.  All the selected remixes will be professionally analogue studio mastered.
2. All authors of selected remixes will receive an exclusive recording contract from Right Music Records.


Hard Techno, Techno


Remixes can not be distributed for sale without the permission of Right Music Records.
After competition winner is announced you may share your (demo version) track on your social page.

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Upload instructions:

File type wav, Sample rate 44100, Bit depth 16

Please leave -3dB to -6dB headroom in the file before uploading.

Make sure your remix is ​​in this format:

right music records 1 Right Music Records

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